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Welcome to My Site!

Everyone else has a web site these days, so I figured, why not me, too?

This is site is now offically running! It's used for only two things.

  1. My Gaian Pets
  2. My Gaian Friends

If you just want to look around, please do so! I hope you like it.




Gaia photo coming soon


04/09/04= Decide to make my own website!
04/11/04= Got Kuzuo and Napolien Hatched!!! ^_^
04/13/04= First time on in 3 days! Sorry about the hold up! 0.o;
5/24/04= Doing some updates on the site. KitterBi and Ang Cat store shut down so gotta edit that... Gaia crashed
5/25/04= Changed Pet Page and added Gaia Friends. Gotta do some more updates. Open to everyone!!!
6/7/04= Made changes to Gaia Friends. Got Meadow and put her picture up. (cheak her out in the Zero Cats section)

If you want to PM about something my screen name is.....